Today was a good day. The first good day in a while.

I'm making dolls again. They're called "silents." Actually, I spent 17 hours straight making them during my recent bout with mania. The compulsive repetitiveness of making them helped keep me more or less focused.

Me and Lora slept till noon today. We had a great night. We drank a bottle of wine then made love. I'm trying to talk her into letting me post some pics of her here but a couple pic thieves stole her face once before so she's VERY leary about it.

I'm still looking for a good water marker so I can post more of myself.

So after we finally got out of bed we went into town to get some things. I bought more clothespins because I've noticed that there are some things around the house that haven't been pinned yet. Lora doesn't mind me pinning things as long as I don't overdo it.

We came home because Lora was feeling ill. We think she's coming down with a cold. I'll have to take care of her while she's sick. ^_^ I love doing that. I don't like her being sick but when she is she stays right here in bed for days while I take care of her every need. I wish it could be that way more often but Lora isn't a home-body. She likes being out in the world where things are happening.

So Lora ate part of her dinner then went to bed. She's been sleeping on and off since around 7pm. It's almost midnight and I'm getting ready to crash. Just thought I'd jot down my boringly sane day. Sometimes I think I should stop taking my meds just for entertainment purposes'.^_^

And I'm working on a blog sig. (see below)


Anonymous said...

I think that after the weeekend that you had it's good that things got back to normal. As for the meds, everythings good in moderation, its when it becomes excese that its dangerous. Staying off meds for a while will keep you grounded, I've been on meds off and on for a while now and that time off meds helped me see things straight.

Anonymous said...

You guys sound so happy! That's just great!

Here's a site with free watermarking software (and a lot more stuff, too!):


I love the dolls sprites you made! Very cool stuff.


Anonymous said...

Kool Kubiak. Now Sara can start posting pics of herself that aren't 4 or 5 years old without fear of someone stealing her indentity. :-)

Anonymous said...

My pics aren't 4-5 years old!!! I've posted some VERY recent ones. I just don't like to keep them up because of certain people that could/would use them for their own twisted perposes. Plus when I read how many comments each post here gets, the ones with pics usually get very few, while the ones with only writing get more. So whats a girl to do? POST LESS PICS!

Also, people that have access to my photo album get to see the ones I don't show anywhere else.^_^


Mermaid Egg said...

Nice "silents" Sara. Now storyboard them & show us what else you can do. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey sweety, i'm happy to know that you are feeling good.
Now this is love and i cannot be any more happy for the both of you, keep at it you two *winks*

And i just love those little icon you post here, they totaly rock hard babe
and that little anime one in the end is just terrific, wow
I love it


Anonymous said...


Anon 10:56 here. I'm sorry for implying that you post pics that are several years old. What caused me to say that was that I saw a pic of yours on Faceparty that I recognized originally from when I downloaded it about 5 years ago from newsgroups. I was always haunted by the quirky beauty of the girl -- about 15 -- in that pic back then, her dark eyes, the way her mouth curled up caught between between an evil smirk & a sad smile. I always wondered what her story was. I think I even have that pic still somewhere on my harddrive.