i feel blah

Party last night.

Beer, rum and chocolate potato chips DO NOT mix. :( I feel like total crap and Lora hasn't even made it out of bed yet.

Lots happened.

Fag fights. (No, I'm not talking about two gay guys fist fighting. I'm talkin' two full out queers slapping and pulling hair and screaming and vrying.) It was a mess.

Three fat girls tried to beat me up.

We ran from cops and actually got away.

Tammy's poor cat. :(

It was quiet an adventure.

Have piccys!!!

More tomorrow when I'm able to see straight.



kubiak said...

Sounds like it was a blast, Sara! Can't wait to see the pics.

What costumes did you and Lora end up wearing?

I hope to see you on the Bendis Board for Wrestlemania tomorrow, too.

Anonymous said...


wow, sounds like you had a blast
man, wish I was there.....oh well, again I'm happy you both enjoyed it sweeties

and i hope yer tummies feel alot better


Matthew said...

Yeah, I partied with a fifth of Jack and a buttload of ramen tonight. I totally know the feeling.

Anonymous said...

We've got to turn this story into a comic Sara!

DM Jim

Allen said...

sounds fun...sometimes the hair of the dog helps your head...have a bloody mary or one rum and coke it might help...also drink alot of water

SIMI BOYZ said...

Sounds great. Makes my nights sound like a tea party.

administrator said...

Sounds like a hell of a thing.

Congrats on getting away from da fuzz.


Anonymous said...

so u don't feel like blah in the morning befor u go to bed u shound take four advil's and two pieces of bread w/ a glass of water works evey time. and its better to drink the hard stuff before beer, b/c it will keep u from getting sick.. but it sounds like i was fun while it lasted.

Goddard said...

and you still had a better night then i did...

rogerpriebe said...

sounds like a fun time.


Jon+Dye said...

what did you do to the cat?

sounds like loads of fun, can't wait for the pics, hope at least some are of the fag fight.

Take care of yourself hun and drink some water.