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I've been having dreams about someone I know online. The dreams are kinda emotional and one was VERY erotic.Image hosted by Photobucket.com I talked to Lora about it right away and she has no problem with it because we can't really control whom we dream about.
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I've told Lora in the past that I would like very much to visit this person because in my eyes we're a lot alike and would probably get along extremely well. Now I'm thinking that shouldn't happen because of the dream. I don't know how this person would feel about it but most likely if I visited we would end up having a torrid affaid that would leave us both breathless for a long time.
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I like the dreams but wish they would stop. I don't like having this desire inside me that can't be fulfilled. It makes a hole. I have enough holes.
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I should stop now. I have things to do, places to go and people to eat.
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Here's some more mp3s if anyone is interested.
I'm up alllllll night tonight so I might be posting some more later.



goddard said...

*strip teases*

rogerpriebe said...

i can't help it, i am a sexy beast!!!!!


Nishant Verma said...

hi sara,
who ever he/she is.... certainly is very lucky...
gud luck...

Catgirl said...

I really like that pic of sara & the rubber ducky at the top of this post and only wish it were full-sized. She has such beautiful wandering eyes. }:Þ

Bloody Kisses,

administrator said...

"I'll be in my bunk."



Anonymous said...

Eh, pisser. Sara's never seen a pic of me so I guess I'm out of the running :(

But,... maybe not. I had a lesbian co-worker that had had an erotic dream of me. I was walking around with a big smile on my face for the rest of that day! LOL!

DM Jim

kubiak said...

Dreams can be real bastards. It's startling how these odd little shows created by our subconcious can rattle us for days on end. Just don't do anything you'd regret later, and try not to take the dreams too seriously. There's no telling what they really mean sometimes.

Thanks for the links... again! You're awesome.

rogerpriebe said...

i had a dream about sara a few weeks ago. it wasn't erotic or anything.....

Jon_dye said...

yeah yeah dreaming about me blah blah blah

Don't let it get to you hun, it happens from time to time. Everyone has them. Not me which is odd since I want to bone 90% of the women I know

and 10% of the dudes :D

anyway, keep yourself safe and don't worry about the wallgnomes.

Our skin burns them for they are not of this world. They are abomination and reality hurts them.

Anonymous said...


well, some may be joking about this matter (yes I know you are all joking, and this is not meant to hurt or insult any of you, I'm not that way)
but I have something similar to this.

It hurts when you dream of something that in your mind you know it can never be true....Used to wakeup at nights crying my eyes out because I knew it could never be that way...a lost cause

hey, These feeling are comon in all of us dear


don't feel like you are alone in this...
our minds like to jerk around our hearts for their own amusement sometimes....it's how life keeps us in line i guess

Catherine said...

sounds exciting<3

tim8dzombie said...


wierd things

i think they (sometimes) are just our subconcious having a bit of a release. sometimes they can be somewhat feaky in that they predict the future (but ain't no way i'm getting into that). what they truly are is incredibly frustrating.

my most common dream is that I can fly. now i dig superheroes and comics and stuff and i guess it's just my mind having a bit of fun. (some people have told me that it's also something to do with sexual inadequasy (i don't think i spellt that corectly) but i beg to differ).

anywho i keep dreaming of my ex. she dumped me nt so long ago and i miss her buckets but my mind keeps rendezouing with her when i sleep. and that's drving me nuts cuz i know it aint never going to happen.

my point. . .actually i think i've confused myself.

don't worry bout your dreams. i think your mind is just having a wander. i'd be more worried if you were not dreaming. . .does that make any sense. didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

One very erotic dream is scarcely worth getting worked up about, lol, wet maybe, haha. When I was a teen (yes, my memory is that good) just about every dream I remembered was erotic ;)

I differ on dreams not being controllable - although the subject might choose itself (though you can consciously choose if you try) it is easy enough to control the path the dream takes.

I do wonder why you posted this thread though.

L&BB, Ag

Anonymous said...

you should write about more of your dreams, makes for great reading ;)