I don't feel well tonight.

The wires in my feet are trying to grow into the floor so I have to keep moving them and it's getting annoying as heck. Every time I forget, three or four of them poke thru my skin and I have to jerk my foot free before they anchor themselves too well.

Warm weather brings the coyotes out and they're howling tonight. More like whining, I guess. They never come too close to the community but still close enough for me to hear them.

I can't type any more. Time is a flaggeristic walla-walla and there's balm in galied.

I'm into nothingness. :(


Anonymous said...

HI Sara,

Jenn posted some pics at the comic site. If you haven't checke them out yet maybe they'll help take your mind off things. They are under 'pencils' under The Necropolis Chronicles forum.

DM Jim

Nishant Verma said...

Hi Sara,
Its me again - an admirer of ur blog!!!
Well, What I feel is that NOTHINGNESS is the most COMPLETE thing... as it does not need any support to be completed!!!!