not sane

I think I'm truly having problems. I was telling someone a story about something Lora and I did when Lora whispered into my ear, "That never happened, it was a dream you had."

It was only then that I DID remember it was a dream and didn't really happen. I've never had that experiance before and it's got me feeling very confused. I tried posting at the Benbo Monday night during RAW and kept getting distracted so I just stopped.

My mind gets on the wrong track sometimes and I get lost a little but NEVER have I mistaken a dream for reality. :( Hopefully it's just a one time thing.

Oh, and LOOK! More free mp3s! :)


markisdead said...

I was just thinking exactly the same thing today. I rarely used to remember my dreams, but the antidepressants I'm on at the moment (which are doing wonders) are allowing me to recall what I have dreamt about. Nothing interesting or weird, but subtlely different to real life, and that's where the confusion arises.

So I can understand why you have felt disturbed by your experience, but don't panic. If it keeps happening, how about keeping a diary? Just writing things down that you have done might re-enforce reality enough to put an end to the confusion.

Oh, and I suspect that EVERYONE has these events sometime in their life.

administrator said...

There's been several times when I've had deja vu because something I've dreamed happens. (Never something huge, just usual everyday things.) I understand it runs in the family... Anyway, it's easy to get confused when you have dreams that seem real. Just keep plugging away. :D


kubiak said...

Sara, I've had almost the same experience. I was talking to my girlfriend at the time, and she said "Uhm, that was a dream you told me about." I was shocked! I was like "Oh shit! You're right. Nevermind!"

It took me a few days to shake that feeling off.

Thanks for the mp3 link! There's some really interesting stuff in there.

Mrs DC said...

Hey man,

I'm havinga great time time reading through your blog... I'm cruising round for stuff to slag off at the moment but your blog was a nice change from the usual "I have a dog" shit that most people spend hours throwing up onto the net



Anonymous said...


I have that too sometimes, but then again I have full conversations to myself while I'm walking by myself.

Nothing wrong with yeh dear....probably something that just happened autta the blue


Jon_Dye said...

Sara, I swear, this happens to everyone at some point or another. It doesn't make you at all weird or insane.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must dance.

SIMI BOYZ said...

Oh I do this ALL the time.

I've dreamt I won an X-box and left it on my bed and went to work. The next day at work I couldn't wait to ghet home to have a go on the brand new x-box I just won in last nights dream.

Lots of silly little things like that. Just "normal" dreams where I've made plans with mates, bought something from town and can't find it the next day. Can be annoying sometimes.