Through the years

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I need to rant.

Set the mood...
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Lora is sleeping in the bed behind me. Every once in a while she'll shift and I can hear her skin slide against the fresh, cold sheets. She smiles a lot in her sleep and when I watch her it makes me wonder what she's dreaming. I don't WATCH her INTENTLY. That would be crazy. But when all the lights are out like now and she's lit up by the computer screen, wearing nothing but a t-shirt because she hates to wear panties to bed, she looks like an angel glowing against the dark blue sheets.

When I first met Lora we were both in the 8th grade. Last year of jr high school. I was EiC of the school newspaper and Lora had joined the staff that year. She was such a dork. Her hair was never combed and she always wore this big welfare lookin' dark blue eskimo coat with what looked like dog fur around the hood. She was almost the exact image of the basketcase from the Breakfast Club.

I was always the friendless nerdy four-eyed freak of the school, but I kinda think Lora was even lower in the pecking order than me. Especially after she was sent home with head lice.

It wasn't till 10th grade when she told me she had a crush on me. (She did it in the sweetest way. If anyone is interest just say so and I'll post the URL to my rants from when I first started getting online and ranting.)

These pics are from right after we got together.
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Over the last nearly three and a half years she has just gotten sexier...
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And sexier...
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And DAMN sexier!
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(These pics will probably be removed as soon as Lora sees them.)

Lora was actually my third girl on girl experiance. The first was of course, with my bestest bud growing up, Catherine MontClair. I have a good pic of us together in and earlier post. This is her standing in front of her house (prom night, I think.) last year before she went away to college.
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If you look to your left, you'll see the house I grew up in from the time I was 8. That's the house where my horsie Wyldwynd lives. (Out back in the stables.)

Now if you'll look on the right side of the pic, you'll see where I live now. My deadgrandma's house. Kayte's head is blocking Annalara's house, which sits back further than mine.
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Blah, blah, blah. Anyways. I've probably posted these before but this is me in my Wiccan Circle Gown.
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And here are some more pics of Quincy...
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This is the Tin Duster Ralley at Morman Park.
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Our dining room window at night.
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My desktop.
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LOOK! MOONSPIDER! Or maybe that's just how I see him.
Okay, now about the party Friday night.
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By 10pm I was drunk. I drank three rum and cokes and felt so good that when we ran out of rum I started drinking beer. I hate beer but it was either that, whiskey or wine coolers. Whiskey woulda had me trying to fuck everyone in the house and wine coolers are for fags.
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All night I had noticed three distinctive things happening.

1) Matt and Jimmy had been tiffin' since they arrived. These gys had been a couple for a LONG time and instead of fighting when they got mad at each other they would just pick and insult. Nobody wanted to be in the same room as these guys last night when they were together because they started to get drunk and thus louder as time passed.

2) These three bull dyke lookin' girls were checking me out. First with smiles, then dirty looks started coming my way. I'm thinking that when they found out I was with Lora they started hating on me.

3) The upstairs, tho supposedly offlimits, had a steady stream of traffic.
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(Republicans. :) )
I'll try not to make this too long.

At about midnight, Matt and Jimmy were VERY drunk and fighting. They did most of it in the kitchen away from the party but everyone could still hear them and the party started to break up because of it.
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Tammy(It was her house.)went into the kitchen to tell the guys they had to leave. Jimmy(The faggier of the two.) yelled, "SEE WHAT YOU DID! SEE WHAT YOU DID, M'FER!" Then there was a lot of loud crashed and Tammy came running out of the kitch as everybody else was running into the kitchen. (It was about this time I lost my camera so no pics of that.)

So these guys are in the kitchen yelling and fighting and girly screaming, a bunch of people are in the kitchen trying to break it up, more people are blocking the doorway, and Sara in standing behind them all trying not to get in the way. I turned around to look for my beer and two of the three bull dykes were standing there blcking my way.

One said, "What did you say about my girlfriend, BITCH!"
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Now, I'm 5'1 and barely 105 pounds. And I'm SO totally weak and NOT a fighter. I've been in four fights in my life and they all basically consisted of me getting my butt kicked. And with ease at that. So when these big girls fronted me off like that I did what I usually do.

I yelled for Lora.

But Lora, trying to do her part to save the world as usual, was in the damn kitchen trying to help break Matt and Jimmy up. So I turned around and started trying to push my way thru the crowd.

Thats when Matt and Jimmy started fighting thru the crowd the opposite way. Coming right at me. About a dozen people, me included, hit the floor.

A bunch of guys that had been upstairs came running down and grabbed Matt and Jimmy and forced them outside. (Tammy had ran up there to get them when the fight started.) So everybody started going outside after them. Everybody except me. I started toward the kitchen to see what kind of mess they caused. (Tammy's kitchen was totally wrecked.) When I started to come back out of the kitchen all three of the bull dykes were right there by the dining room table.

"Ain't cho name Sara Poe?" One asked me in her I-trying -to-sound-street voice. So drunk Sara says, "What about it!" (I was REALLY drunk.) She answered, "Dayum, you ain't gotta get shitty bitch!"
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Now, I was getting ready to kick her ass,(Or most likely she would have hit me and I would have bled.) That's when Matt came back in. His shirt was ripped, his hair mussed up, his make-up was smeared all over his face from punches and crying, and he SCREAMED at the bull dyke bitch, "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT WITH HER, BITCH! YOU FUCKIN' TOUCH HER AND I'LL KILL YOU YOU FUCKIN WHITE TRASH BITCH!"

Then he punched her right in the face!

Jimmy came slammin' thru the front door, about five guys chasing him, and ran at Matt screaming, "YOU DICK SUCKING FAGGOT! I FUCKING HATE YOU, M'FER!" He bum rushed Matt and grabbed him by the throat. They both fell on the floor with Jimmy cchoking Matt and Matt pulling Jimmy's hair and making gurgling noises.

There were like, TEN GUYS trying to pull the two apart. (TEN GUYS and LORA! I swear, my baby is only 5'2 and about 120 pounds but she was right in there grabbing Jimmy's arm so he didn't choke Matt to death.)

Okay, so eventually after a few minutes they managed to get the guys outside again. I went with this time so as not to get the face punched by what was probably a very anger bull dyke.

So we're out there maybe five minutes and here come two cop cars.

Some idiot yelled, "It's the cops! RUN!"

Us even BIGGER idiots all ran.

There were costumed queers running in all directions. Looking back at the visual it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen!
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I ran, following two of Lora's lesbo brigade, for two blocks. The three of us ended up in an alley just north of County Market(A twenty-four hour grocery store.)hiding between two garages. They were both wearing Mulon Rouge costumes(All of the brigade except Lora dressed alike.)and I was wearing my strappys, a long skirt and a string bikini top. (Decided not to go topless.)
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The good thing was that we were all drunk so if it was cold we didn't notice.

We made the decision to go to County Market to call Tammy's house to see what was happening. It was late so we thought there would be no people out. WRONG! There were lots of people out and we got paranoid that the cops were looking for us. We managed to beg for fifty cents(None of has a place to carry money.) and called Tammy.

"Come on back, " she said. "The cops took Jimmy and Matt to jail and almost everybody else went home. But we're still partying and Lora is walking down 24th street looking for you."

So the three of us headed back up 24th street and met Lora after about a block. I made them walk back to County Market because I had the munchies. That's when I found the Almond Joy flavored chocolate potato chips and ate two things of them before we got back to Tammy's house.
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I threw them up later all over our bathroom.

So we get back to Tammy's and thee still about ten people there. After a few minutes one of the guys says to Tammy, "Hey, that's still upstairs if you want some." So she invited the remainder of us upstairs to I suppose partake of whatever they were doing.

It was COCAIN!

I've never done coke and didn't do it Friday night either. Neither did Lora. But most everyone else was. (I did manage to ask about the three bull dykes during this time and was told they left without saying bye.)

At about 4am Tammy noticed that her cat was missing.

Picture this...

We're all upstairs in Tammy's party room. BIG room, bathroom, closet, door to hallway closed, three windows open. A few people are playing cards, the music is blaring some old Journey song about small town boys and midnight trains. Me and Lora are cuddled up on the love seat looking at Tammy's CDs. Two girls are dancing and making out. Tammy opens the door to her closet and this damn cat comes flying out like it's crazy! It runs around the room at TOP SPEED! People jump up, knock the table and cards over, coke is spilled all over the place, girls that were dancing are now hitting the floor, Lora grabs my head and pushes it down in her lap to cover me up, the cat is bouncing off the walls and crashing into things and just destroying EVERYTHING...

Then it goes right out the third floor window.

And just like that it was gone and we haven't seen it since.

Tammy thinks that when the guys were up here someone must have fed her cat cocain or laced it's food or something. None of us know what effects it would have on him but since he's never acted this way before it was a logical guess.

We all went outside looking for him but there was nothing. As of last night the poor kitty still hasn't come home.

Lora and I got home just after sun up. We staggered in and she made it as far as the bed, still wearing her angel costume but without the wings. (We lost one of them somewhere.) I made it to the bathroom and depostited those chocolate potato chips all over the toilet, sink, trash can and floor. Plus what I washed off of my face the next day when I woke up.

The last thing I remember is pulling Lora's halo off and accidently pulling her hair. She mumbled something about having to keep one foot on the floor for some reason.

Thats my tale and now it is done. But LOOK! Sara thru the years!!!
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Just turned 15 I think.
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15 for sure.
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About the time I was having...problems.
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Just before moving out of my mom's house.
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Goofy looking bitch.
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Most recent.
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This one PROVES I keep getting uglier. :(
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This was when I had that episode a few months back and they found me hiding behind the stables.

Oh, here is the only pic I'm posting of my Lora-drawn faerie wings.
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Laterz all.

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mattdangerously said...

Why can't the parties I go to be that interesting? Maybe I need to start hanging around more gay people.

Your eyes are captivating. You and Lora are adorable, BTW.

SIMI BOYZ said...

Gotta say, both you and Lora are gorgeous.

And that's possibly the coolest desktop I've ever seen. I think mine needs some tweaking now.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with the others - you guys are HOT!!!

And the way you told the story had me laughing out loud!

Thanks for the great story!

DM Jim

Mermaid Egg said...

Oooo, nunsploitation images! How deliciously iconoclastic & profane! I was listening to this song when I read your latest blog post, sara. Somehow it seemed strangely appropriate & fitting, the perfect music to be listening to while reading it. Don't ever think of yourself as "ugly," my sweet Ms. Poe. If anything, you've gotten prettier.


love & light,

rogerpriebe said...

man, sounds like a wild time.
it's always great to have a story to tell the next day...lol.

just glad you guys came out ok. thats the important thing.

and you know you both are hot

love ya

kubiak said...

Cool pics, and an awesome story Sara. The party was a lot better than anything I was doing this past weekend.

Thanks for taking the time to write it out and post the stuff! I look forward to your blog like few others.

Anonymous said...


hey sweetie
well first off thank you for the quick mention there in yer bog....I only wish i could look like that guy
mebbe I will in time *winks*

second, I think you and lora are just breathtakingly beutiful.
you took look happy together and I'm glad you found each other

third, I love that piccie of you with the teary eyes, i wactualy did that once, but instead of fake blood it was just eye shadow.....of course i had to do it hidden from my crazy family.

thanks you for sharing with us every time and thanks alot for the party piccies, they rock

oh and tell lora that her angel wing drawings on yer back are beautiful

Tell her moonspider said so *smile*

James Michael said...

yeah, since im gay, im not gonna say the whole "wow, you and lora are soooo hot", but yall are... i miss going to parties like that... they were fun....

Goddard said...

i've never seen a picture of your Lora before
tell her she's very beautiful,even though i'm sure you remind her more then enough

administrator said...

Damn... sounds like an "intersting" evening.

Thanks for all the pictures. You know you're both gorgeous. ;)

Oh, and just so you know, new Sara strip tomorrow.


Jon_Dye said...

Hey, don't be hatin on the eskimo coat.

Lora sounds so amazing. You are really lucky to have her, but I'm sure you know that.

I've noticed that when I go to parties with a better than 50% mixture of gay people, the drama increases exponetially.

Poor Kitty, I hope it's okay. Only weed should be given to pets, and sometimes not even then.

I'm proud that you didn't do the coke yourself. Stupid drug, that I wish I never did.

You are not getting uglier. Just sayin.


Yeah, I got nothin.


Matthew said...

Okay, first off, Moonspider is probably pushing about 300 pounds.

Secondly, you reminded me that I don't use the term "bull dykes" nearly enough, and it's something I intend on rectifying tomorrow.

Thirdly, Skyy Vodka is the SHIZ-NITE.

Forthly, you should enjoy being young before you grow up and have the dread of actually having to go in and fill out the welfare form. That shit is tough, yo

Anonymous said...

No Sara for five days? :(

DM Jim

Anonymous said...

Sara, you get more and more beautiful. You could never look ugly. Im so taken with those new pics of you. Love you still <3