sad sad world

On January 2nd, Ashley's parents showed up at my house to take their daughter home. They didn't call to tell us they were coming, they just showed up. There were lots of tears and Ashley didn't want to go. She even left most of her new stuff we bought her here because she is determined to come back.

The last week has been VERY hard for Lora and me. Both have sunk into a MASSIVE depression and hurt more everyday. Lora's 20th birthday was yesterday and we didn't even celebrate.

Life hurts and sucks and just doesn't seem to make sense unless you force it to.

I'm out~~~~~~~~~


Agric said...


Hugs, hope you're not feeling so bad today. Have more to say but elsewhere, hafta go out now, back in about 5 hours from the time of this post; chin up, Treasure


Agric said...

Back, up for 2 or 3 hours from this, please come see me

Agric said...

While I'm munching...

Firstly, life has no responsibility to be fair, nice, reasonable, rational - never expect it to be so or it will disappoint you.

Life is arbitrary and random. If it is good to you, great, if it's bad to you, c'est la vie. Don't take it personal, life doesn't mean it so.

On the smaller scale it can be shaped by other humans, the way they treat you ill or good.
On the larger scale it can be shaped by powerful humans and nations (or their equivalent), more remote but less easy to influence.

That is reality. Though much of reality will change in the next few years, those truths will change little. Sometimes very brave and determined people can change those things, but probably a hundred or thousand fail or die for every one that succeeds. Ride the wave or chance all on fighting it, ride with integrity or ride to one's own best advantage. Those are the hard questions.

Moonspider said...


in reality....you and lora became the bestest parent that child ever had or will ever have...and she can se it to be true

you made such an impact onto her life faster than anyone i would guess, you realy showed her what being loved and realy cared for is...and in her heart of hearts she will never forget that as you said "she is determined to return"
and i am placing my best wishes and sending you any luck that i can muster so that next time could be sooner than later

you made such a great effort to show her what its like to truly be cared for ,like what great love a child should be brought up in....

she was sorrounded with love once she entered your home
and i dont see that love ever leaving her mind, body, heart and spirit

she loves you both
and will never forget the time you spent...and she will be looking at the stars remembering the love you showed her and the lessons you taught her aswell

things happen...but they also will reveal how true the binds that tie truly are...and within that truth, realization.....realization on how much love realy exsists
and where was that love........well, let's just say that at over at miss sara poe has all of it in her heart and has always enough to go around to the peopel she cares about and loves


Agric said...

I feel the irresistable urge to share this with you, I found it so funny:

No doubt there will be other amusements available, hey I just checked the 'voting and Hell' page' (for the unenlightened: Hell is a Xtian control fairytale and voting is owned mostly by Diebold in the USA) and it excommunicates, in this order: John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, GW Bush, Pope Jean Paul II (deceased), etc, etc

If you are a Catholic and are offended by this post or that site, go fuck yourself. If you are, but not offended then please discard that silly dogma and use your brain.

Here endeth the lesson