Welcome to my darkness. If you've come to condemn or are offended by the insanity at this blog then GO AWAY! Your God doesn't live here!
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Updated message board

I've updated my message board with a ton of wrestling stuff. I'll be adding Buffy stuff and download links this week so check it out.

(My wrestling forum from my message board.) http://p203.ezboard.com/fsarasstufffrm28

Since I have a lot of free time right now I'll be online more.

I'm working on a Buffy short film with my friend Roger( http://www.drakoproductions.com/ )and hopefully that will work out. Details when I get them.

Tia, I'm sorry I haven't written to you in a while but I've been depressed. Slightly better now so...

Agric, I had some questions for you but with recent events, I've forgotten what they were but soon as I remember I'll post them elsewhere.

Edgar and Kubiak, thankx for what you said. ^_^



Blogger Agric said...

Hi Sara, hope things are going OK, I'd like to discuss the Ashley situation with you 'cos I may have some suggestions and I think there is considerable potential for mis-steps if you are not careful. Global things have a chance (over 20%, under 50%) of taking a significant ill turn in just over 2 months, too; I don't see them having a direct impact (if they happen) on your situations in the short term but one can never be sure. L&BB

5:34 AM  
Blogger Moonspider said...

awwww, no need for a thank you sweetheart
just doing what i do naturaly, and that's be a good friend to yeh

:snuggle hug bug:

whoop whoop

glad yer feeling beter hon, but dont ever feel sad alone, if yeh ever need tah talk, im a greta listener
you take care and enjoy the happiness life brings to you ....
and my friend who are happy make me happy

2:24 PM  
Blogger TiaxMarie said...

Sara, don't worry about it, we've been busy trying to make a baby. With school and moving and coaching jr high girls my life has been crazy. I come to read about you to help put me at ease. I wish everyday that you and Lora would start feeling better. Things will get easier it just takes time, I just wish you didn't have to go through it. I love you Sara.

10:00 AM  

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