I also had a great ideal for a book...

It went like this...

***The story of a man, who did something spectacular waaaaaaay back when. a book was written about this man and his decendents (some of which also did spectacular things.) over two thousand years. the last in the recorded lineage of this man was the most spectacular and also his was the last story told in the book.

This planet's civilization was based on that book and the amazing adventures within.***

So Lora read it and said, "Hey, isn't this about the bible?"

So I dropped the whole ideal


Anonymous said...

Give it a try anyway and see what people think! You should be finsih in about a 1000 years...hey you are immortal aren't you? Darkness is..well til that interfering light shows up.

Anonymous said...

This post really made me ponder God, Satan, Heaven, Hell and the Meaning of Life. As my mind wandered and ultimately was on the verge of imploding, I found this http://www.rathergood.com/moon_song/ and now everything is okay and I sleep well again.

Later, ME

Please don't even attempt to watch this without consuming at least 3 shots of your favorite hard alcohol.