Not quiet broken...

Survived another week of near mania. My mind hasn't been right lately so I've kept myself from replying on message boards and to emails. I did some crazy shit here at home and Lora is kinda upset with me.

She called me spooky. :(

See, I tried to make Jack (BKA Monsterhead, from my earlier posts. YES, he talked me into letting him out of the closet.) a body. This way I wouldn't have to carry him room to room while we were trying to have a conversation.

So I got some boards that were about three feet long and 2 inches square. I nailed them together as best I could but I'm SO not a carpenture and it kept falling apart. So I took Lora's dress maniquen(that's not spelled right and I don't care.)and put a board thru one shoulder and out the other so it would have arms. Then I put my black leather trench coat and black top hat on it. A glove on each end of the board and it looked pretty damn cool.

Lora got a little freaked about it and won't let it in the bedroom while she's sleeping. Which is usually my computer hours so my friend Jack has to sit by himself in the spare bedroom way down at the end of the hall at night. Whenever I go downstairs to get coffee or munchies he calls out to me.

"Sara," he says. "Let me out. She'll never know. You can put me back before she wakes in the morning."

I tried to get dead grandma to sit in there with him ( HA! The conversations they would have!) but she keeps telling me that he's not real and I should just quit it.

I really hate her sometimes.

I'll be posting more tonight about my week. Right now Lora is home and she needs my attention since she's been depressed Kerry lost the election. Laterzzzzz>>>>>>>>>


Anonymous said...

I want more Sara posts! :)

I hope everyone's doing okay. If you need to talk or something, you know how to get hold of me.

Jack sounds pretty cool, btw.

Anonymous said...

Dang. That was me, btw.


(I totally forgot to add that last time. :( )