Mermaid Egg!

Thank you for that. It was hauntingly beautiful. Reminded me of Michelle Branch. I'll keep it close to me.:)

I tried to check out your blog but it doesn't exist. :\ Are you going to remain mysterious or tell me who you are? :)

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Mermaid Egg said...


Glad you liked the song. :) Let it be an inspiration to you when you're feeling helpless & hopeless, in depression's grip. Let the person you always reach for be *yourself* or the creative spirit within, that part of you which is always outside the madness & wants to succeed. I don't have a blog because I mistakenly assumed one needed to register to post a reply here, thus "Mermaid Egg" was born just so I could respond to your blog. We have chatted together on two other occasions, on different message boards, but even if I were to tell you the username I use on that forum, you wouldn't really know me, the mystery of who I am would remain. I am an unsolvable chinese puzzle box.

Just know that I enjoy your postings here very much, and look forward to each & every update. :)

Love & Light,