We've got a lot of out of towners here in the community this weekend cause we're having a HUGE festival. So we're at the community center (which is almost directly across the street from my house.)for this big luncheon and my "archenemy" Erica was there. I have nothing against her but she hates me with a passion. (Mainly because she couldn't get her damn dog to stop barking all night, and I did.)
So we have these long tables lined up and I'm between two of them helping to serve people. Erica decides that she wants to be between the same two tables as me. With people sitting at the tables theres not much room, especially for two people. So we bumped butts. She gave me a dirty look and I just ignored her. A minute later we bumped butts again and she almost dropped the tray she was carrying. She mumbled something under her breath and I ignored her again and walked back into the kitchen.
She follows me and as soon as we got in the kitchen she starts yelling at me. I said, "Why don't you just shut up, bitch, and stay out of my way." (Okay, none of that came out of my mouth but I heard myself say it in my head. :? ) Lora stepped between us. :)
She told Erica, in the sweetest little street voice ya ever heard, "You best get out her face." I turn around to get another tray, thinking it was all over, and just like that they started fist fighting. :( Right there in the kitchen in front of everyone! Erica got on top of Lora and was hitting her. So I grabbed her by her hair and was trying to pull her off of Lora cause YOU JUST DO NOT TOUCH MY BABY LIKE THAT! So Erica punched me right in the nose. :(
It was kinda funny cause, while I didn't feel it(I'm definately feeling it now, tho.) I stumbled back a couple steps and then fell back right on my butt. Some guys in the kitchen jumped in and broke it up before anything else happened and all three of us were sent home and can't attend the festival tonight.
I'm hoping it's all over but Lora has such a temper. Right now she's on an adrenaline high and is doing massive house cleaning. My nose stopped bleeding but it hurts like hell. I don't think it's broken but I have a dark spot under my left eye. I think it's going to turn black. :( I'm going to go help Lora clean and try to calm her down now. (Good face usually does that. :P ) I just wanted to write this down while its fresh in my memory.

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