Sara's 10 Rules of Life!

1. Murphy's Law; If somehing can go wrong, it probably will.

2. Well behaved women don't make history.

3. Teddy bears aren't so scarey once you've watch your cat hump one a few times.

4. Don't believe everything you think.

5. Never cut what you can untie.

6. She who collects the most toys, still dies.

7. There is nothing there in the dark thats not there in the light.

8. Fear what's in the light.

9. Some days it's just not worth gnawing thru the straps.

10. The enemy is fear. We think it is hate, but it is fear.


Anonymous said...

hello hunnie,
Love yah blogs! =] I messaged you on fp but u never messaged back =[ plz send me an email xxxn0rtyxxx@hotmail.com
Love yah!
Hayley xxx

Anonymous said...

Nice list Sara!

I couldn't agree more with a lot of them. ;)

(Especially #4!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Sara, what about #13!? "The Dark Side of the Force isn't so bad once you learn how to pimp the Master." In case you were wonder about #11: "Never doubt the power of a dumb ass." #12: That dumb ass is unsally the one in power." (ex. Duya and the 59,000.000 dumb ass drones who re-elected him.) -Motion

Anonymous said...

lol....yeah I agree with these
i can deffinetaly agree with 'em from all angles