Welcome to my darkness. If you've come to condemn or are offended by the insanity at this blog then GO AWAY! Your God doesn't live here!
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...is unfair.

And right now I just want to die. :(


Blogger Mermaid Egg said...

Awww... Sara, hon, want to talk about it? It might make you feel better. *hugs*

love & light,

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life seems unfair, but mostly it doesn't care. You are probably* fairly unimportant to 'life'.

Maybe the more you noe 'life' the less nonsense its 'fairness' - or lack of it - seems, and - just maybe - the more likely you are to have influence with it.

But there is a lot of random death about so don't expect immunity.

* Do 'things' influence 'reality' in a 'non-explicable' way? The evidence is conclusively yes as I see it. Hence there is scope to influence the 'importance' score.

5:54 PM  

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