I honestly have no ideal what happened to the post that disappeared. I'm guessing I deleted it accidently but...

Anyways, Lora and I are doing good. No fights. No anger. Nothing but love. That could change tomorrow but I'm sure that our relationship is strong enough to handle anything that comes at us.

Deadgrandma is still raggin' in my ear but I've learned to ignore her negative attitude. She never liked Lora. I don't really think she ever liked me. After my dad/her son died it seemed like she was always angry at me and my sisters. Like she was mad that my dad died and we didn't. When she died I wasn't sad about it. That's a sorry thing to say now that we're living in her house but this blog is about my true feelings and emotions and I can't change the way I am. I won't hide it either.

Hiding things like that tend to make me a little...crazy.

I'm working on a post describing the community I live in. It's a Gardnerian Wicca community and I really love living here. Just so you know, Wicca is NOT the oldest religion. It's a divergence of Paganism started in the 1950s. I'll talk more about that in my post and also post some pics of me in my Wiccan circle gown. I look SO very goofy wearing it but...

Below are my favorite set of pics. They've been posted in a few places already but not here I don't think. Lora calls them my crazy set.

Well, I have to go grocery shopping early tomorrow so I should get to bed soon.

Nite all.


Anonymous said...


I'm developing an interest in Wiccanism & am genuinely curious to know what a "wiccan circle gown" is what it looks like. Please be sure to post those pics. Thanx.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara,
what, no nude pics ???
You still owe us something for those pics of Chyna's clit, you know ...
:) :) :)
(someday, I will lea´rn how to post real smileys and stuff ... but not today)
(aka Damian696)

Agric said...

Those are an old set, and I do guess it was a weird day they were took on.

REAL happy that you and Lora have sorted your latest spat out, it is better that the pus is popped rather than festers so I hope things feel better now. I would like words with you both on this, though, it is indicative of an underlying irritation that can be dispelled, easily.

I suppose I will have to talk to you here for now, but would prefer more privacy, lol, there are places.

There will be a calm-ish period Midsummer to Mabon but the quarters either side will be upheaval. The quarter commencing Ostara sows the seed that is reaped from Mabon. Pope turns in April but consequences follow 6 months after; the end of Bush and Cheney is shown in May but they are not dethroned till near yearend; the economic changes are too unpredictable and complex to explain briefly but the 'Greater Depression' probably starts between Oct 2005 and Oct 2006.

It's getting near the time for serious planning, methinks.

Love, hugs and blessedbe, Ag

Agric said...

I think E**a visited both me and DW about 18 months ago. Nosey bugger, but frustrated like my grandma was when she had alzheimers in her latter days (she would bang her head on wall with frustration, unwise when 90), which I interpreted as a frustration with not being able to be physically present. Not felt her since then though. Hope she is doing well in the interstices and that she and I have more meaningful contact someday soonish.

I would argue against you posting any nuder photos of yourself than you have done already, I thought those too revealing. If you really must I suggest you do so privately.


Anonymous said...

AGRIC!!! It's SOOOOO good to hear from you. I left you a message at Stones.


kubiak said...


Looking forward to your Wicca post. I'm sure it will be intersting, and I love learning about stuff like that.

It's cool seeing those pics again, too! You're adorable. (In a cool way! :P )I'm super happy things are going well with Lora, too.

Anonymous said...


the biggest icon in pro wrestling today...that's you sweetie.

YAY love!
love is always great to have

happy happy