More about my bear!

As I said below...

Lora got me a "Crazy for You" bear today. It's the one wearing the straight jacket. :D So I dug out my straight jacket(everyone should have one)put it on, grabbed my bear and headed across the street to the center to see who was around.

There was a time when Lora would have went with me but now she has this THING about being seen in public with me when I'm wearing the straight jacket. She has NO problem when we put on fairie wings and go dancing around the community but the straight jacket thing just seems to be too much for her. Go figure. :roll:

So after going in the center and finding nobody there of interest(the people that were there were playing cards and just looked at me like I was crazy.)I decided to walk around the corner to drunk Jacob's house to show him my new bear. I walked in the door and he handed me a rolled up sandwich bag.

"What's this?" asks I.

"Thats what you're here for." Answers he.

Just then Lora walks in. She had called him for weed and he thought I was there to pick it up. He and Lora went in the kitchen( To smoke weed I'm assuming.) so I picked up his cat and left. Jacob has this standing lamp sitting next to his front door so on the way out I turned it on and put it right outside his door on the porch just to mess with him a little. I looked back at his house when I got down the street a little and his porch looked kinda cool lit up with the lamp.

I stopped back in the center to see if anything had changed. When I walked in I heard the people there laughing so I KNOW they were talking about me. (Its not paranoia if they're REALLY talking about you!) So I just hit the light switch and walked out the door to shouts of "HEY" behind me.

Next I went thru my backyard to get to Annalara's garden. She has a tiny little greenhouse with flowers that bloom all year. I grabbed a few of the purple and white ones and (because of the cat in one arm and my bear in the other)I stuffed them in the front of my straight jacket. It was kinda rough because I'm guessing drunk Jacob never had a live plant in his house before and the cat was going a little nuts over the flowers.

I also put on Annalara's gardening hat. It's a straw one with these really ugly flowers on it and I don't know why I put it on but I did. Then I went to the stables to check on Wyldwynd. He was of course happy to see me. So I climbed on his back and we were walking aroung the stables when my step-dad came in. :?

Y'know, I do a lot of strange things and people usually just ignore me because of the lack of sanity, but when my step-dad came in and saw me sitting on the horse wearing my straight jacket, with my teddy bear(also wearing a straight jacket)sitting there with me, drunk Jacob's cat in my arms, flowers stuffed down my top and wearing that ugly straw hat, it was kinda insulting that he just shook his head then closed the door and went back into his house.

So I went back to my house and drunk Jacob was there looking for his cat. He rushed at me and grabbed the cat like he was afraid I was going to eat it or something saying, "Oh my widdle baby. Did the crazy girl hurt you."

That's all. Lora is downstairs smoking weed with her friends and I'm back online.

That's all.


markisdead said...

Sara, what a great picture you paint with your words :-)

I imagine that you looked rather sweet sat on your horse in your straight-jacket. Not odd at all...

BTW, just where does one buy such a thing??


Sara's Stuff! said...

Hi Mark. I got mine here in the Quincy Mall at a place called "Spencers." If I remember correctly they had to special order it but I might be thinking about something else. Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

A straight-jacket? How quaint! I didn't even think they used these things anymore and that the nuthouses had switched to Chemical Straight-Jackets (nice needles with sweet soothing liquids inside).

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to one of them:

http://www.pixpond.com/pix/Crazy For You.jpg

This one is from Vermont Tedy Bears and they've sold out. They've decided not to make anynore, too. People were complaining that it's insensitive. [insert eye rolling emoticon]

It's a really cool bear, btw.


Will said...

I'm glad to hear that everything's alright with Lora now. Thats seriously kick-ass. Catch you later. :)