The Apartment People!

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"Come gather `round people,
Wherever you roam,
And admit that the waters around you have grown,
And accept it that soon you'll be drenched to the bone,
If your time to you is worth savin',
And you better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone,
For the tiiiiiimeeees they are a chaaaaangin'." ~Bob Dylan

Our sister community in Wisconsin is officially abandoned. Of the seventy some-odd people that were left there, fifty now reside at the community in Maine, ten have moved to the new settlement in Alaska, and the few left are living here at our community.
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In January before school started, we THREE drove to Maine to pick up several of the residents there to transport them here. (We also got caught in a snowstorm, trampled thru the woods and met a house of NUNS! But that's another story.) Among those we brought back were two of my step-dad's cousins, Gabe and Danny (Gabriel Alan and Daniel Albert Poe.) and a young couple named Sabastian and Elizabeth Miles.

Late last year before the first snowfall the community apartments were completed. Basically it's two rows of connecting apartments with a courtyard in the middle.
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Twelve of the twenty apartments are taken. All young people, including MY ENEMY, Erika St Croix and her brother Victor, who have become fast friends with Sabastian and Elizabeth.

Gabe and Danny are living in the loft above my step-dad's garage. They visit in the evenings after Lora and Emily get home and the six of us, (Me, Lora, Emily, Laura, Gabe and Danny.) are hanging out regularly now. The Apartment People also hang out in their courtyard regularly.

WE are NOT getting along with THEM.
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Gabe and Sabastian grew up together and aren't friends.
Sabastian comes to the community center and tries to instruct Lora how to do her job. (He did the samesuch thing in Maine she does here.)
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Erika and Victor don't like me because I poisoned their dog.

Lora doesn't like Erika because a few years back they got into it and Erika won. I got punched in the nose.

Emily takes our side on everything. Danny takes his brother Gabe's side. Elizabeth takes Sabastian's side.

They have BBQs and don't invite us. We have house parties and turn the music up REALLY LOUD so they can hear it. (That only happened once and we KNEW they couldn't hear it because the apartments are on the other side of Adam's Field.)

We're all mostly civil to one another but I think it moght build into something more.
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I'll keep you informed...



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If there are any artists out there that want to work on a web comic contact me at xsaraxpoex@gmail.com. Title your e-mail, "SD COMIC!" just in case it accidently gets sent to the spam folder.

Pretty much anyone that wants to do it will get some info sent back about it. Different styles VERY welcome.


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Having so much online time lately (YAY for ONLINE TIME!) EE has been updated. http://sdpresentsee.blogspot.com/
You can also check out the vids I uploaded on Youtube.
A couple of Buffy/Faith shipers and the BAM kiss. (If you're a lesbian then you know what I'm talking about, right.^_^)


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Moonspider said...

wow...online comic huh, i dont mind jumping into that, but can it be any style.....or is a certain required hon?

i'd like to try

Sara's Stuff! said...

Any style, sweety. I'd like anybody that likes to draw to at least try it.


Moonspider said...

then sign me up...yay

Sara's Stuff! said...

Email me. I tried sending you some info but it said the addy was no good.


Moonspider said...


weird, i always use that one