After recieving some VERY CRUDE emails from some VERY SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED little boys, I have opted to remove my pics and not post any more.



Anonymous said...

Please, DONT remove the pics!!! they are so good and so hot! and please give us some more of these stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

please DONT remove these pics, they are so hot!!! i can give you a super and FREE porn-site: its www.xnxx.com! there are much of lesbian pics and stuff! and please give more of such pics on your homepage!!!

kubiak said...

That's ridiculous. I don't blame you a bit. I'd hate to see you quit posting though.

What a bunch of fucking losers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you stop posting, Sara, but I understand. Do what you gotta do. It's been fun.

Anonymous said...

Actually, when Sara said she removed her pics & won't be posting anymore, I think she meant that she wouldn't be posting anymore *pics* of herself, not that she was going to stop posting messages & such on her board here.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about that, and I'd just like ask what the others said: please continue writing your blog, I'm always readed it.

TaZaR from WMM Board

Sara's Stuff! said...

Hi guys (Hi Tazar! I didn't know you read my blog.)I'll still be posting but no pics of me. At least till the little boys(See the first two comments above)go away and stop looking at me.

I do have a website and as soon as I update it I'll email those peeps that I know and are cool. :)

I still love you all. ;P

~Sara Jane Poe!

p.s. More tomorrow...

Turtle said...

You probably don't remember, but you visited some message boards a few years ago of a gaming clan called [UFA]. Well I was looking through those old boards the other day and found myself here, very interesting blog. =)

|ufa| Turtle

Sara's Stuff! said...

Hi Turtle. If I remember correctly, that was at ezboard, right? I kindasorta remember that board.

Nice to hear from you anyways. :)


Turtle said...

Heh yeah that's right, we've moved on from EZboard, and I'm the leader of the clan now, but nice to see your Blog, I'll be around.

Anonymous said...


YOU GO GURL! don't pay a word of attention to those sexualy deprived 2-inchers.
This blog about you expressing yourself in any way that makes you YOU!
Man, some people are so immature, don't they have any self control over that piece of shit between their legs......sheesh, im a guy and I am disgusted by guys who act like that sometimes.

no im nt saying that about any of the people here ( i respect and love all), but for those who are writing you those idiotic e-mails just because they're too lazy to go online and search it themselves.
fuckin pricks....fuck if i was in a room with them I'd tie them up and chop their fucking dicks off and feed it to a starving dog....but even the dog would be too good for them.

I think what you do here is great sweetie, keep it up and whatever yah do, yah know MS will respond with love and respect.


Matthew said...

I think it's hilarious that Moonspider can use the terms, "you go gurl [sic]" and "HUGS" in the same paragraph as "chop their dicks off and feed them to starving dogs." Chemical imbalance anyone?

Pike said...

Sara, some youngsters have a hard time understanding the concept of women with self-respect posting on the interweb. I know I did for a while... Any-hoo, keep posting whatever you feel like posting.

And Benoit ownz.

Pike (Freeway2K from the Bendis Board)

Jon_Dye said...

god, horny nerds like that, give horny nerds like me a bad name

I'm sorry sara

mattdangerously said...

Bah. Anyone that fucks with Sara is getting a sledgehammer to the head, courtesy of the BBWC.

Anonymous said...


chemical imbalance?
now that's just mean

nah, im just weird

Will said...

Thats just plain creepy! ha ha!