sTrAnGe DaZe

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Not a good day today. Lora went to St Louis this morning EARLY. Like, before daylight. She called a little while ago from Hannibal and said she was gonna stay the night there because she was too tired to drive the rest of the way home. So I'm alone.

Alone is not a good thing for me. :(

I buried all the kitchen knives in the backyard and made sure that Monsterhead was locked in his bedroom, so things should be okay till morning. Although there's a whole 24 pack of toilet paper calling my name and teasing me(the way it ALWAYS does) to go out and have some fun.

I think it's cold. I turned off the heat and my window is open so I'm pretty sure it's cold. But the cold helps keep my mind distracted away from the other things crawling around the room. Plus, the other things aren't too fond of the cold cause it makes them move slower and they can't crawl up my legs cause the chillbumps make it harder for them to grip.

Deadgrandma went out for the night. She usually sits next to me with her chin on my right shoulder whenever Lora is away but tonight she had somesuch thing to do. Wouldn't tell me what so I'm a little scared she has bad things planned for me. I won't be opening the door if anyone knocks.
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Tho the last time I didn't open the door when Lora was away it turned out to be my step-dad and he got worried and broke the glass to get in. It scared the crap out of me when he did it and he found me under the bed.

I think he worries about me too much.

Annalara is in her backyard listening to her radio right now. She has a little greenhouse out there and sometimes goes out to do some gardening late at night. (And they call ME weird.) She listens to classical music and right now there's a very haunting song playing. It's making the mood kinda sad, but not sad enough to close the window.

My cat just ran out of the room so I think it's about to start. The only light is coming from the computer screen and the only noise is Annalara's radio. A different song is playing now. Some erie opera music. A fat guy singing loudly and without mercy.

It's cold. Cold and dark and I don't think the things crawling around on the floor are too happy right now.

The music keeps playing.

It's getting darker.
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kubiak said...

Sara, if you ever need someone to talk to or anything, let me know. Seriously.

(BTW, check out my blog sometime if you get he chance. It's not all that interesting, but I did mention you in my last post.)

Sara's Stuff! said...

I'm here!!! Are you still out there? :(

Please be out there.


kubiak said...

I'm here! I'm in about three diferent places, but I'm here!

Sara's Stuff! said...

I'm going outside to check on the horses. I you don't hear from me in an hour...come QUICK!