Gay bash!

Lora and I are going to a party this weekend. It's a gay party. Meaning that only gay guys and lesbians will be there. Plus every body will "dress up" as whatever we want to dress up as. I suggested to Lora that she paint fairie wings on my back and I would go topless.(With my face made up, of coures.) She didn't say no to this. Lora, when sitting around doing nothing, draws fairie wings and has gotten very good at it.

I probably won't be the only girl there topless and all the guys are more or less gay so I don't feel uncomfortable about it at all.

Especially since I'm basically boobless. :( (Lora has nice boobies so I might object to her doing it but...)

I'll try to post a pic so you guys can check out how I look. But it'll be a pic of my back so don''t expect boobies.


administrator said...
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No boobies?


Have fun, you two.

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rogerpriebe said...

take me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

i look at sheldon's mule.....

take me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

An exceedlingly pretty girl with boyish lil boobs is just as likely to turn a gay man's head as a breeder boy. He'll be thinking,"Mmm, mmm, look at that cutie pie there with the most adorable little boobs & boyish butt! If only she had a penis!" ;-) Have fun at your gay bash, Sara! Oh, and I'd rather see a picture of your front than your back. *g*

simi boyz said...

Hi Sara,

Hope you have fun. And if you're still interested in finding out about that dream I had, visit the bendis board here:-

kubiak said...

Well you certainly know how to get people's attention, no doubt about that. ;) Hope you have fun at the party, it sounds like a lot of fun.

I really enjoy your blog, but you probably already knew that.

Anonymous said...


WOW, that sounds awesome, I hope you two have a great time at the party

man, I wish i could go....no, not for picking up any girls, or guys *winks* but I just love meeting interresting people and personalities....again, can't wait to hear how it went sweets


Anonymous said...

I hope the weather stays warm for it ;)

I suggest you use some body makeup on your front, be it only blusher or silver, to make the nakedness less 'naked' (no... please don't get too naughty with designs), the odd slogan in contrasting colour might be fun.

Actually, some Celtic style body makeup would be appropriate.

Why only topless and not naked? I'm not sure I really said that. But... if done right, maybe with a bit of appropriate covering, it could be OK.

It should be coherent, naked but not naked, both a concealment and a statement. Most of all it should be you.

I've just thought that being naked leaves no scope for defensive weapons etc. You will need a belt, scabbards, pouches etc.

I hope this is a safe place you are going to. Please discard all my comments if not.

Do take appropriate care, L&BB, Agric

Anonymous said...

Another thought...

Lora should carry a weapon she knows how to use to defend you against any silliness.

Trunchons and baseball bats spring to mind, but the choice should be hers (I dislike guns).


Anonymous said...

I'll have a detailed report of the party for you guys as soon as I recover from it. :) And Lora is completely for the ideal. She's even EXCITED anout drawing the wings on me. :)

Agric; You absolutely know Lora will be protecting me. :) Plus it will be held at Tammy's house. (Remember her? My manager when I worked at DQ for a couple months.)Plus it will be a kinda small party of about 20-30 people that she knows well. I like the ideal about putting body paint on my front so I'm going to look into that.

Off topic...I'm VERY happy to hear from you again!!!!! You're my oldest and bestest friend on the net and I miss you.


Goddard said...

i got banned from the B Board :(

Anonymous said...

Goddard, check the replys on your LJ. ~Sara<3

Anonymous said...

Goddard, check the replys on your LJ. ~Sara<3

Sara's Stuff! said...

Goddard, check the replys on your LJ. ~Sara<3

Sara's Stuff! said...

Goddard, check the replys on your LJ. ~Sara<3

Anonymous said...

Goddard, check the comments on your LJ. ~Sara<3