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I woke last night to the sound of thunder.

How far off I sat and wondered.

Starting hummin' a song from 1963.
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Ain't it funny how the night moves.

For anyone still looking for the Benbo,
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I feel weird tonight. I don't know why. It's warm(sorta) outside and Lora is asleep. The only noise in the room is her breathing. I even have the window open and still her breathing is the only thing I can hear.
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I think I need sleep. Tomorrow is a big day for us. We're going to the mall and Walmart to spend lots of money. Lora plans our budget out really well. Considering we don't pay rent or utilities and use my step-dad's credit cards for everyday things, it's really not hard for her to do. Her money comes from working with my sister Analie in the resale shop we(my family)owns. Right now she has so much money saved that she decided we could go spend a bunch.
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My only weakness with shopping is Spencers, Midwest Comics and Waldens. I go crazy at only those three places. (Midwest Comics is taken care of by step-daddy's credit card, tho.)And for some reason I get carried away at the Dollar Store. Lora freaked out last month because I spent $100 there and I was like, "But LOOK! 100 things!" I thought it was great till I got home and saw that nearly everything I bought was worthless junk.
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Oh well.

I should sleep now. I feel weird.
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kubiak said...

I love the dollar store too! I got incense there today.

Also, lighters and peanut butter!

Em said...

They have cheap snacks. :)

My boy loves the dollar store, he gets strange little action figures there.

Matthew said...

I love Bob Seger. It think it's awesome that you quoted my favorite song by him. "Night Moves."

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,

Hope things are going better for you now.

I need the name of one of the poems you sent me. I know one's 'Rain' but I can't get the other name. I had it saved as a pm on the Image boards which are still not working yet :(

DM Jim

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim, The title of the other poem is "From the mind of a lesser god." I'll be sending you the other poems soon. I've been offline due to things happening here but I'll have them finished and sent soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sara!

Have I mentioned that you're cool?

I hope to shop the book around to publishers at a comic con in New York the weekend after Easter. Hopefully I'll have good news for the team! :)

DM Jim

administrator said...

Hey Sara...

You know, if you're on a Bob Segar kick, you really should dance around in your underwear and a pair of sunglasses to Old Time Rock n' Roll. Because it would be a million times better than when that big-nosed midget does it.

Don't forget to let me know what's up with Chicago. :D