Well CRAP!

I have no ideal what's wrong with the Bendis Board but the damn thing won't load for me. I keep getting "page cannot be displayed."

So I guess I'm watching wrestling alone tonight and posting my WWS post late. :(


mattdangerously said...

Jake "The Snake" Roberts?! WOW. I'd pretty much given up on being surprised by the WWE, but that was good stuff. 'Bout damn time they turned Randall heel. Judging by the massive boos he received throughout the segment, it looks like they had no choice.

mattdangerously said...

The Rockers!!! Holy shit!!!

Anonymous said...

HI Sara,

Gotta make this short because I have to get to bed. Lame sounding I know, but I have to get up at 3:30am for my job :(

Anywyas, I'm back from my weekend excursion that was fun. I'll check in when I can.

Write more poems!

DM Jim

Sara's Stuff! said...

Jim~Give me a few days and I'll have some for you.

Matt~ I TOTALLY MARKED FOR THE ROCKERS~ :) Jake I wasn't too thrilled about but it was still cool to see him.


mattdangerously said...

Yeah, I was marking out for the Rockers, too. Especially since they hit all their signature moves, and Marty looked DAMN GOOD in the ring. I wouldn't mind seeing him get a full-time job with the WWE now.

Great episode of Raw. Triple H vs. Benoit was really good. HHH looked inspired in the ring. Best performance I've seen from him since the last Wrestlemania.

brad p said...

I was praying Jake would land the DDT, even though it was painfully obvious he was only there to take the RKO. Jake was my favorite as a kid. Remember that old WWE arcade game?

Killer Benoit HHH match, even if the death of the industry had to get his win back.

kubiak said...

The board is back up again. Looks like it'll be our new permenant home ,too! They've gotten a big new server, and supposedly it'll be running maybe as early as tomorrow.

Also, Bendis hinted around that there may be more boards featured, too. (I'm guessing they'll have Mack, Oeming, and Maleev boards! Just a guess though.)

Raw was fun tonight! I'm really looking forward to Wrestlemania in large part because the Raws have been so much fun lately.

Anonymous said...


awwwwwwwwww, thanks sweetie for the little piccie you posted on yer wrestling with sara thread...moonspider night RAW...YAY!!!

up and down up and down....damn that jinxworld message board keeps getting problems....it's up, but all the threads are locked....AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!

*fustrated pouting*
This sucks....I feel realy bad and lonely right now...