More Buffy and Evil Vamp Willow!

I have about thirty strips of this. I'll be posting them all over the next week or so. Right now Lora and I are going into town(always an adventure)to see some friends. This usually means we're going to see Lindsey and Kyle and we hafta sit at their house for an hour while Kyle gets Lora a bag of weed.
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After that we're going to the Hills to hang out. The "Hills" is Harrison Hills. It's the government housing project where Lora grew up. She knows most everyone there and likes to visit whenever she feels like she's ventured too far away from her white trash upbringing. (And I know the term "white trash" is kinda insulting but that's how Lora refers to it so... I'm guessin' it's kinda like, gays can call each other fags and black people can call each other nigga. White trash can refer to themselves as white trash and it's okay. I guess.)
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If anything interesting or crazy happens I'll post it this evening when we get home.
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Oh, Lora just reminded me that there's a christian holiday tomorrow so HAPPY EASTER, YOU CHRISTIANS! :D
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Jon_Dye said...

so I'm impatient and went through all the buffy willows

you know 27 is my favorite :)

I've been reading alot of web comics and stuff today and I think you'd like them.

here is a clip that I laughed at

I also started with 1 and just read the whole thing


kubiak said...

I hope everything went smoothly for you, Sara. You deserve a nice easy time for awhile. ;)

I've got a weird feeling my posting problems are my fault somehow. Luckily I'm tenacious and will do whatever I need to do in order to post stuff here. So, it's all okay, really.

Love the Buffy/Willow strips!

Anonymous said...


hope everything goes well for yah darling
manny hugs and happy thoughts all the way through dear!

and those strips of buffy are awesome, keep 'em comin

and hey, thanks for posting in my LJ
i've been considering focusing on my writing more lately