Red X

You might notice some red x's if you go back and read older posts here. Some asshole was hotlinking to some of my pics(The nedu wrestlers, I think.) so I've deleted them till I can figure a way around hotlinking.

Sorry I missed you guys last night. At least Matt was checking here regularly. :) Matt, if I had known you'd be here I would have checked back more often.

Kubiak, thankx for the link. I checked that site out and it looked cool but even tho it's free they still wanted a credit card. WHAZUPWITDAT!

I did manage to post my Wrestling With Sara post this morning if anyone is interested.

For those of you that have blogs/live journals; I do read them, but as you can see by how much I post at the BB, it's not often I have something to say.

S'ok, I checked my email today and it looks like I need to start checking it more often. I usually only check a couple times a week but as my blog is getting more popular, I am getting LOTS more emails. I checked it Thursday and emptied the inbox, then when I checked it last night there were twelve emails for me.

Lora is working and I'm going out riding. More laterz...


Jon_Dye said...

Hey Sara, I read your WWS post before the board went blooey again.

I really missed you and all the other folks on the raw thread last night.

OH the Marty jokes we could have made :(

as you know, I got my wizworldchi ticket, so hope to see you there


mattdangerously said...

Hey Sara! No worries. I clicked onto your blog just as Raw was starting, and figured you might want some company. I was pretty much watching Raw alone too, since I couldn't get onto the new BMB board. (Still can't actually. Wha's up wit dat?)

Jon! Thanks for the DVD. I had a shitty week last week, and that put a smile on my face when I really needed one. (Misawa vs. Kobashi: Holy fucking shit, that was incredible.) You fucking rock, dude.

mattdangerously said...

Dunno if you covered this in your WWS post (again, I can't get to the fucking boards, so I wouldn't know), but Axl Rotten, Justin Credible, Tracy Smothers and Masato Tanaka are going to be at the WWE/ECW PPV in June.

Now give me a Whipwreck/Tajiri reunion!

Anonymous said...


sara is bouty bouty and rowdy rowdy!!!


kubiak said...

Saw your WWS post but was unable to comment, and it's not looking good for tonight either.

Awesome stuff as usual! You're one of the best things to happen to the internet as far as I'm concerned! (You and naked lesbian oil wrestling! :P )

Sorry the site isn't as easy as it seemed! I realyl thought that was going to be a great deal.