Just so you guys know, the post below this one was NOT a big "goodbye message board. I love you but..." type thing. If you read my second post ever on this blog you'll know what happened last summer and how it screwed up my plans of going to Wizard World Chicago.

The assholes mentioned in my second post have been posting at the new board. They were banned from the Image boards but I guess they've been given a second chance at this one.

Well, their second chance is something I am 100% AGAINST! This is why my time at the Benbo will be VERY limited. I have every intention of going to WWC this year and there's no f'n way I'm taking the chance that those little immature LOSERS will mess it up.

'Nuff said!

Now, if you'll excuse me, Lora and I are going next door to get into the hottub. :)


Anonymous said...

sleepy says:
just keep in mind that those individuals that you speak of you could probably kick all their asses before they knew what was what. never change because of others, then your not yourself

kubiak said...

This isn't a second chance at all, Sara! It's the same fucking assholes, but they're posting unfer new names, getting re-banned, and joining again. Why these idiots want to be part of the board that doesn't want them is beyond me.

Don't let those tiny penised assbags get you down. You do your thing and, I assure you, things will be okay.

jon_dye said...

Hey sara

You are like one of 4 people I really want to see at chicago, and I am totally with you on the posting less. Ever since the Image board went down, I've just lost all motivation to do anything board related.

Anyway, I'm trying to get Jim and Em to go out for karaoke, and you and Lara are more than welcome to come with.

Anonymous said...

The Image forums are back up!!!! YES!!!!

I had to re-register though :(

Hope to see you all there!


Goddard said...

i'm sorry sarah, i'm doing everything i can to get all of this bullshit to stop

Goddard said...

check your PMs

Anonymous said...

don't worry dear....all those e-holes that have been pestering you are just little insects for you to disect and sqush dear.

just go underneath the ring and whip out yer sledgehammer and beat them till they're nice and flat..

you can kick all their asses with time to spare.

Much love and **HUGS** for you darling..


Anonymous said...

lol.....by the way the last post was done by


although i think the hugs gave that way

administrator said...

The chance to hang out with you is a huge mark in the plus column in terms of reasons to go to Wizard World. I'd hate for anyone to ruin that.

Anyone messes with you and we'll hang 'em by their unmentionables.