Adventures In The Big Bed!

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"In Goethe's classic play, Faust, the title character and his teacher, Mephistopheles (the Devil), gain the favor of the emperor by offering him the secret of alchemy: how to create wealth by printing paper money. Soon the emperor presides over a robust economy and a licentious, materialistic people. But the currency eventually collapses, just as all the Devil's creations turn out, in this play, to be illusions."

I LOVE snow!Image hosting by Photobucket We had a snow storm here Monday night and it made the community so very pretty. We got out and played in it till it was too cold to play any more. Then we came inside and had hot coco together in the BIG BED! The snow also closed most of the city down so no school!
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Speaking of the BIG BED...

We had a very exciting weekend. I won't go into long details but will tell some.

Friday we went and picked out the BIG BED, shopped some more, got a second computer for Emily, and saw a movie. then went home and crashed. Saturday morning we were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee (Emily is the only person I know that drinks hot coco for breakfast, by the way.) when a knock came at the door.

It was the guys with the BIG BED.
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A really sweet moment came after we let them in. We were sitting at the table finishing our coffee and could hear them upstairs working. It was a quiet moment, as we were listening to the noise, and suddenly it was like we all realized at the same time JUST what they were doing and a wave of giddiness came over us all and we started giggling like little girls.Image hosting by Photobucket

After they left we made the bed and jumped on to test it's comfiness. Within thirty minutes we were all NAKED and...

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...and we agreed to lock ourselves away till Monday morning. (Which, if you've read my sister's blog, you already know.)

I actually did write a detailed post of our weekend exploits but Lora and Emily both deemed it TOO detailed and didn't want our first night together put on the Internet.
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Pity. I thought the part about the pizza guy showing up was funny as hell.

Anyways, during the weekend Emily told us that she wanted to tell her parents that she's GAY. We talked and agreed that Lora and I should go to Normal, IL and be there to support her. None of us think it's a good ideal to tell them that she's also in a three-way relationship so we're trying to think of a way around that for now.
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She feels that her parents will be shocked, but accepting. Not sure when we're going yet but...

It's Wens morning and the whole city is frozen over. The snow partially melted and then froze so bad last night that everything is closed again. NO SCHOOL AGAIN!!!
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Lora and Emily wanted to sleep in but I'm spending my morning ONLINE! (Although they do look very sweet cuddled up together on the BIG BED!

I'll post again later this morning as soon as I wake up some.

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Jon_dye said...

damn lesbo brigade always ruining/causing my fun.

Anywho, glad you had "fun" and by fun I mean rampant 3 way sex. Of course 9 times out of 10 I mean that.

So the new bed is nice? Does it have a nice headboard. Currently my mattresses are just on the floor. I think I should fix that, but am incredibly cheap and lazy.

The RenFair is going on here in St Pete, and I want to go, but I have no costumes and I always feel lame going to ren fairs without proper accutriments. Also they are having an international fair this weekend, which I will probably go to.

Also, I'm telling everyone this, even though I'm sure you already know, Amy Acker and Alexis Dennisoff are supposed to be on the season finale of How I met your mother.

Finally, I bought my ticket to WizWorld Chicago for this year. You better go this year, or I will be hurt and sad.

Okay I got to get to work, but I'll talk at you later.

*hugz and kisses*

Sara's Stuff! said...

Jon BABY! I forgot all about the "Buffy reunion" tonight! Aly, Alexis and Amy together for the first time since Angel season 4. Thankx for the reminder.

The Lesbo Brigade RARELY believes in letting me have fun. (Well, except for that whole three-way-lesbian-sex, which, as you might guess, is...FUN!!!)

MAKE A COSTUME! Go to the RenFair in DRAG! You have no excuse not to go.

No WWCC for me AGAIN this year but I'll be in Chicago for WRESTLEMANIA 22!!!

Me and my step-dad. :) Lora gets to stay home with Emily allllllll alone.



TiaxMarie said...

Sara, I'm glad you are happy! Hope all goes well with the new Big Bed! Love you! P.s. you should try to convince them to let you share some of the details!

DungeonMasterJim said...

I agree with Jon: curse that damn lesbo brigade! (Shakes fist at them!)

Gonna have a big sign at Wrestlemania, Sara?

Hmmmmn,... maybe you could write a ficitional version of the bed bed threesome? Chaniging the names to protect the innocent (or evil)?

Jon_dye said...

I am hurt and sad.

Sara, I can't go to Wrestle Mania, I'm in Florida and have no ticket.

Likewise with the Renfair since it's already in full swing and the lack of costuming is a bitch already.

But if you want to see me in costume, you have HAVE HAVE to go to Chicago

I'll be all Booster gold like a mother.

and I don't believe that the 3 way lesbian sex is fun unless I get pictures and a full story.

Regardless, I have no tv and am going to miss the buffy reunion and thusly am sad.

But I'm talking at sara, and that makes me glad.

though I am rhyming and and that makes me John Cena, which makes me sad.

la la la

Agric said...

It's OK, GW is just terminating the kitten as humanely as he can without using WMD (aka shock and awe) and causing collateral human damage. Unless cats are stupid enough to stray within grasp (whereapon I try to grab their tails and smack them against a wall) my long range arsenal is limited to projected stones. A hit might cause prolonged pain as it slowly dies from a gangrenous broken limb.

I'm probably an exception to most here, I'm glad your cohorts asked you not to post details of your weekend frolics. It's a mite unseemly to air such things in public. If I haven't said this clearly enough before I am sorry: beware, the odds are this will end badly.


Moonspider said...

lesbo brigade?
sounds like fun

and it's great to hear that yer gonna be at wm22 deary, i just hope its a show that will never be forgotten

i got nothing much to say these days...but im glad i have friends liek you that actualy comment on my blogs and show much love

later gater

Sara's Stuff! said...

Tia; I posted a message on your blog.

Jim; I noticed that you're blogging regularly now, too. Sorry, no chance of a detailed expo of our adventures. But I'm going to email it to Tia so maybe she'll comment if it was a good read.

Jon; You have NO tv. :( I cannot comprehend the utter HORROR you must be going through. No tv means...no Buffy, no wrestling, no History Channel, no South Park new episode ripping on Scientology...

I <3 U!

Agric; STOP SAYING THAT!!! This will NOT end badly. Not if I can help it!

Moonspider; You sound so sad. :( I messaged you at the Benbo.


Agric said...

I am occasionally wrong. Hopefully you will prove me so on this occasion.

Jon_dye said...

sara it's not so bad not having a tv

I read a lot more than I would, plus I can watch dvds if I want on my computer. so I'm okay

Agric said...

I have been without a TV for two and a half years and haven't missed it at all. I'm astonished I ever had the time to watch it, LOL. Actually I didn't, a couple of hours a month at most, anyway, for the last couple of years I had it - the cost of about $200 per year for perhaps 20 hours' watching seemed silly. But radio content in UK is so much better than TV content IMO, that's not so in USA.