The Introduction Of Emily Graves!

[Newscaster:] "Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is really energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are really all one consciousness, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the weather..." ~Bill Hicks

So there's this girl in my creative writing class. Name's Emily. Very cute. Button nose. Peppy in an honest and talkative way. We sit together in class and she seemed very interested in getting to know me.

T'other day Lora and I were sitting in the waiting room at the Dean's office to get her schedual for next semester. (YAY! Lora is going to school with me!!!) Up walks Emily. We say hi, I introduce Lora as my girlfriend, she comments on how cute of a couple we make, I reply with my standard reply given to straight girls who make that comment, "Yeah, (pokes lora.) You should get you one."

"I had one," she replies back, "but she moved away."

"No boyfriend?" Lora asks in her such-a-lesbian way.

"No, boys are ICKY!!!"

I think Lora and me both fell in love with her when the word "icky" left her lips. So we took her to lunch. (BWAHAHAHAHA!) We ate at Kellie's.

She told us that she was from Normal, Illinois (She added that she was ANYTHING but "normal" with a laugh, which I guess is a popular joke in Normal, IL.) and that she was staying in a campus apartment with two other girls. She marveled at the meal and commented that due to her financial status she had eaten more peanut butter since last September than in her entire life up to that point.

She was very friendly and personable. Also, like most girls from small towns, she seemed to be a little too trusting. She talked and talked and didn't hold anything back. It was like she was lonely and felt comfortable enough with us to let all her built up fears go. (Later we found out that THAT was just how she had felt that first day.)

Okay, being honest I'll say right away that Lora and I talked about Emily that first night and most of the talk was fantasy stuff about moving her in with us and having GLORIOUS three-way lesbian sex. We were both THAT attracted to her. Not only because she was as cute as a little bunny rabbit and crinkles her nose up like one when she laughs, but because of the person that she is.

The wonderful and amazing person that she is!

The next day I invited her to dinner. And everyday after that we three were together. It was a very special bonding time and Lora and I talked about Emily often when she wasn't around. Neither of us were feeling any jealousy towards Emily or each other, rather we felt like we were even MORE complete than we had been before. Whenever the three of us were out together we talked like we were a threesome. It was feeling pretty natural. (As natural as un-natural things can be.)

So, on her very first time sleeping over, and after several glasses of rum and coke, I cornered her outside late at night after taking the trash out in a little dark corner on the side of the house and kissed her. (I was CHOSEN to make this first move because I'm more open sexually than Lora and she would have chickened out.) Emily kissed back VIGOROUSLY, and was actually the first to introduce tongue into the kiss.

Then I asked her point blank if she wanted to move in with us.

Lora and I spent the rest of the night explaining to her our feelings, that we weren't totally sure where we would end up if she moved in or even if it would happen at all, but we wanted to try it and see. By the end of the night Emily was completely into the ideal (YAY for BOOZE!) and the three of us fell drunkingly asleep on a pallet on the living room floor.

That was a week ago. Since then Emily has moved into the bedroom across the hall from us. (It was dead grandma's room but she hasn't used it since she, y'know...died.) We haven't had any GLORIOUS hot lesbian sex with her YET because we all agree that this isn't something we're going to rush in to any faster than we already are, but if the three of us all feel it then the relationship WILL progress to it's intended destination.

So this is why I haven't been online. New relationships take a lot of time. The discovery of all the new things you learn about one another. Fresh thoughts and ideals you get to share. Learning the noises they make and memorizing their smell.

Emily has a little dark streak within her that I'm finding a thrilling thing to play with and encourage. (Thus the nickname, Emily Graves.) Lora's made me promise not to corrupt her completely but seeing how nothing I've shown her on my comp has discusted her yet I really don't think I'll have too much work to do in the corruption process. I'll have her blogging soon!

She's a great kisser and I honestly believe one of the funnest things the three of us have done is laying together in bed discussing where our ticklish spots and eroginous zones are.

More later. *beep*


The stats!

Sara Jane Poe
age; 20
hgt; 5'1
wgt; 103lbs
hair; chestnut brown
eyes; brown
fave song; Sarah Mclachlan's "Full Of Grace"
fave color; black
fave food; pizza
fave tv show; Buffy the Vampire Slayer
fave book; Stephen King's "Bag Of Bones"
fave movie; Interview With The Vampire

Lorabelle Tempest Riley
age; 20
hgt; 5'1 1/2
wgt; 112lbs
hair; black
eyes; brown
fave song; The Sunday's "Wild Horses"
fave color; blue
fave food; Taco Bell
fave tv show; Buffy the Vampire Slayer
fave book; Stephen King's "Hearts In Atlantis"
fave movie; Empire Records

Emily Greta Ellison
age; 19
hgt; 5'4
wgt; 108lbs
hair; dark brown
eyes; brown
fave song; "Strawberry Wine"
fave color; blue
fave food; Cookie dough ice cream from DQ
fave tv show; It's Buffy NOW! (Was Sailor Moon, which is cool, too.)
fave book; The Harry Potter series
fave movie; The `burbs


Moonspider said...

wait wait wait
her old favorite show was sailor moon?

well, that's enough to get a good ol's moonspider hug from me

congrats with the dawning and further enhancing of a relationship with this new added unique individual into the already amazing cast =)

glad everythign is working alright with all 3 of you
and i just hope thing become better and greater as each day ends and another one begins

was getting a wee worried for the lack of responces and updates...but al that has been put to rest now that i know everything good has happened and you have a new indiviual in both yer lives that shares similar traits with you......that right there is something not many find...you are a lucky gal...well, gals, lol

take care, and hope to hear from you on the benbo....or reading my blogs, hehe

later gater, dont be a stranger

Agric said...

Well, you all have pretty appalling taste in fave food, lol, surprising you manage to stay slim!

Glad you're having fun but please try to say hi every week or so,


Binky Bear said...

sara, you rock!!!
sanity is over rated. you are the darkest bitch ass writer i've read online...fuck yeah. write on. invoking the Hicks. Long may we celebrate his spirit...Long live Bill Hicks' words...there is *new* Bill Hicks...just found at least...from right after the whole Letterman debacle...the mutants at frequency23 have it for free...yeah...no strings no registration just go to the 2nd page of the mutant gallery

i dig your messed-up beuaty. thank you! you have a new fan

Jon_dye said...

Hey Sara

congratulations. I hope it works out. Be sure to keep us more posted, huh?

DungeonMasterJim said...

Like the others, glad to see you're okay.

Reading this blog sometimes makes me almost wish I was a hot, young, sexy lesbian.

But then I'd have to like terrible music :( Lesbians always seem to like horrible music. LOL!


Sara's Stuff! said...

Moonspider, messaged you at myspace.

Agric, you are SO dear to me...but you worry WAY too much. :p

binkybear, THANKX! But I don't have fans, just friends. You can be one if you tell me who you are. ^_^

JON, BABY! Where ya been???

Jim, HORRIBLE MUSIC! You, Mister, would NEVER be a good lesbian! And I noticed that you took me off your myspace friend's list. :(


Agric said...

Worry? Me? Probably not the right word ;)

But sometimes I occasionally get troubled by some things. I solve them the best way I can find (which may be somewhat unconventionally ;)) ) or accept I probably can't - for the moment at least - and get on with something else.

Should I be concerned that you haven't grown (height, weight) in the last 4 years? Heheh

L&BB, Treasure

Jon_dye said...

Sara, I never left

well, I left Indiana and now am in Florida, but I never left the inter net :D

but yeah, I miss you and if you ever leave me again,I'm a ...

I'm a...

I'm a put on a skimpy dress and whore myself out in protest