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Hinsdale, Illinois
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Saint Petersburg, Florida
Lafayette, Louisiana
Brooklyn, New York
Canada Qubec, Quebec
Columbia, Missouri
Portugal Lisbon, Lisboa
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United States
Elmer, New Jersey
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Holliston, Massachusetts

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Okay, I just HAD to show off this ADORABLE woman and her new DO. Angelle; Lora, Emily and myself thing you're an ABSOLUTE DOLL! I hope you don't mind that I sharpened your pic. It was a weeeeeee bit blurred.
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Lastly, the obligatory...LESBIANS!!!
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And look how it ends.
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p.s. Just so everyone knows, I will NOT be online next weekend. Where will I be? WRESTLEMANIA 22 IN CHICAGO!!! YES!!! IN YOUR FACE!!!
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For Jon ^_^
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Angelle said...

Nopes. I totally don't mind the posting/sharpening of my picture. It definitely looks clearer. Thank you (and Lora and Emily too) for the compliment...^^;...how sweet.

Hope you have a great trip this weekend! (<- I won't be online the week after this one due to spring break in Florida. Finally some different girls to check out...I hate the rednecks here.)

Angelle said...

except my Emily-crush..dear lord I hope she doesn't like county music.

Iakov said...

...And from Mexico Only me...

Jon_dye said...

I love the fact that I can see that I visited twice

And don't give me that IC title crap

he's getting a main event push for next mania

speaking of which have fun at mania dear. make sure you get a good pic of HHH doing the job:D

oh and of course your blog is getting more hits, you're posting again.

Sara's Stuff! said...

Angelle; I commented (WAY too much.) at DS about the Emily-country music thing.

Sorry. :(

Iakov; That makes you UNIQUE! RAH! ^_^

Jon; Do you honestly think HHH will let ANYONE have that main event spot at Wrestlmania other than him? Remember, "No, he's too small and can't work." LMFAO!

I also noticed that you visited twice. :) You're about the only one that I knows location of.


Moonspider said...

Angelle is awesome in my book....and the hairdo just makes her cool decimals go to eleven

anyway....just wanted to stop by and show love

hope everything is well with you and that you have a blast over at mania

i'll make sure to look for you in the crowd shots when im watching it...that is if I dont work that day

Jon_dye said...

sara, Lemming and I were talking, and he said if you want to go to Chicago, he can give you a ride, and I can probably get a friend to give you a spare ticket

just incase you want to go

justjeffery said...

Lafayette, Lousiana? Who else here is reading your blog? I'll hunt them down and beat them with a bloody stick that I used to beat up the person who helped me find the person who I'm about to beat with said bloody stick!

Wait... oh...

It was probably me in the first place.


Remind me to tell you, one day, why I smile every single time you type BIG BED!


xHazex said...

YUS! thats me in New Zealand. Miss talking to you sweetheart!
Haze xx

Sara's Stuff! said...

I thought I'd get tons of comments about the URBER-cute lesbian scene but OBVIOUSLY most of you people are NOT lesbians!

I still love you, tho! :)

Moonspider; Yes, Angelle is pretty wonderful. Check out her bog or her Darkstarlings site and you'll see how fantastic she is.

Jon; Leemings are creepy. :(

What are you talking about? I have a ride and my step-dad got tickets and everything else looooong ago.

I'll have a Wrestlemania post with details Friday night for everyone.

JEFFREY!!!! I knew that was you! Okay, I SUSPECTED it was you. Thanks for confirming it. I miss hearing from you. :(

Haze; I commented on your blog. NZ was the first country I looked for when I got my stats just to see if you were there. I knew that you and Tia would never forget me.

Everyone; I'm pretty busy getting ready for my first Wrestlemania but I'll be online Friday night posting ALL NIGHT so look for me here, at the Bendis Board (http://www.606studios.com/bendisboard/) myspace (XSaraXPoeX) and Darkstarlings (XsaraXPoeX) plus I'll probably be at the Caverns of Blood message board if you ask for the url I'll give...


kronnax said...

Well regarding the URBER-cute lesbian scene, I found that in fact I'm a lesbian!

And thanks for still love us too (the ones that are not lesbians, but wishing we were!!!

Angelle said...

wish you were online.


Agric said...

Just a quick hi and wishing you a great weekend at your wrestling thing. Laura seems a mite absent lately, perhaps novelty has worn off, she has lost the use of her fingers, or you have cooked and eaten her (if so what recipe did you use?).

Much as I might wish to be a lesbian it would take extreme surgery. Not something I'm likely to do since I've even against piercings, lol. The pics are cute but I've seen cuter ;)

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