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"He should have let me finish. He should have listened. Then I'd have been able to explain the MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL to him. I'd have been able to explain that you can't kill a vegetable by shooting it through the head!" ~Alan Moore

The new meds work wonderfully.
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S'okay, long story shortened; My step-dad comes over today. Wonderful man. Since my mom died he has devoted himself to raising my little brother, RAT, and taking care of his business'.

Today he walks in my house with...
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22 year old red haired Angela.

22 year old red haired, step-dad stealing, tramp of a whore's ass Angela.

No, I've never met her before but I know what I saw.
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So after quick introductions, he tells us that my little sister Laura is next door taking care of the RAT tonight while they, he and 22 year old stankie ass HOE Angela, go out to dinner and that we should keep an ear open in case Laura needs anything. He then shuf-shuf-shuffles her off as fast as possible before I could realize just what was happening. (The new love thing has dampened my wits slghtly.)

So I'm standing there in the front hallway as they walk out the door and it hits me...WTF IS HE THINKING! And to top it off, when I walked back into the living room to see what Lora thought about it she told me that I should NOT get involved!!!
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"Let him try to be happy," she says. "NO!" I reply. Emily laughs in the background. "Don't encourage her," Lora says to her. "I don't need encouraging! Oh, I'm ENCOURAGED enough!" I half shout! I turn to Emily, "C'mon, you can help me figure a way to stop this from happening." Her eyes widen and she answers, "I don't think I should get envolved."

I give her the squinty eyed MEAN look.

I turn to Lora and give her the squinty eyed MEAN look, too.
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I then storm upstairs, refusing to speak to either of them, and now here I sit trying to figure a way to get 22 year old, red haired, soon to be in a whooooole lotta pain, ANGELA out of my step-dad's life.

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They think I don't watch them all but I do. They get forgetful and complacent in their lives and have even gone for days without locking up the kitchen knife drawer. (Except Annalara. She never forgets to lock hers.) But ours is unlocked now and I know that my little sister is home alone with RAT and theirs will be unlocked, too.
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Tomorrow night we're all supposed to go to another GAY costume party and Lora and me where going to show off our new Emily to everyone so they could marvel and be jealous of our GLORIOUS three way lesbian relationship and afterwards, more likely than not, the three of us would have came home and possibly had our first night together, but NOW I've a good mind to just NOT go and instead stay home and whine and sulk. (Whining and sulking is something I'm very good at when I want to be.)
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I just wish everyone was a lesbian. It was going so good for us today. We've been talking about shaving our pussies to Emily and after she took a shower tonight she came into our room wrapped in a towel annoucing that she'd shaved for the first time and asked, "Wanna see?" (Lora's face turned beet red!)

We both smiled and looked at each other and I squeeked out a, "yes" with a smile and when she lifted up her towel I squeeled, "AH! IT'S SO PRETTY!" And the three of us busted up laughing.
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I guess I'm going downstairs to apologize for getting MEAN faced with them.

And check the knife drawer whilst I'm at it.
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DungeonMasterJim said...

Hopefully this might calm you a little... Frenchie sent me the front cover for the comic! It's pretty much done now except for some legal stuff!!!!

Hate to say this but maybe you're step-dad is just getting a piece of ass for awhile for good times sake. Angela sounds like a trophy girl rather than some serious, long term relationship.

I quit MySpace. It would never load up on my computer. I put a bunch of porn up to make them pull down my site because they weren't doing it when I requested it. But it was girl on guy porn so you didn't miss much :P

And yeah, I would make a lousy lesbian. :(

Guess I'll have to live vigourious through you.LOL.


Agric said...

I do hope you aren't going to be silly about this Angela thing. I hope she's gorgeous, intelligent and f*cking great at sex. Go Billy, rah, rah, rah!

You never know, she may be a wonderful and fun person. BTW, I like redheads, they tend to be a bit more spikey than the norm.


Moonspider said...

hey dear.....i hope everythign work well in the long run dear
but you should'nt stress yerself with this...if she is what you write, then you know what--she aint worth the time, nor even a second look dear

just take it easy and focus on the good things...and if she does indeed become a burden that you cannot ignore...then that's when you use that wrestling knowledge you got and put her in a headlock =)

but anywho...hey, you got drones and drones of the sara milita supporting you at full speed!

showing love and support whenever needed hon

can i be admiral?
lol...or coronel moonspider---i can make fried chicken, lol

Angelle said...

Hey, I'm the girl with the doll. Just liked to say hi and that I think you're funny and interesting and that I liked reading your blogs. Nice ta meetcha!


Sara's Stuff! said...

Angelle! YOU have MAD writing skills! I LOVE Clover and you absolutely bring her to life.

Keep writing because you're very good at it.:)

Jim, would it be MORE insulting if I said that you would make a GOOD lesbian? :p

Agric... &*%# @%^

Moonspider, you can be admiral but only if you not squeemish about kidnap and torture of 22 year old red heads in my cellar.


Moonspider said...

squeamish...my dear, i'll make her the squeamish one