A Small Light In The Midst Of All That Darkness! Or, Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her!

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I don't talk or really THINK about my sister much. We didn't get along growing up and I wasn't very nice to her. I did...things...to her that you normally wouldn't to your little sister.
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I never PHYSICALLY hurt her. (And NO you pervs, there was NO nasty involved either.) Tho there were more than a few times where she would slooooowly open the door to her room and peak inside out of fear. She also learned to do a complete check of her toilet before using it every morning,

She fought back as much as her young and limited imagination would allow. Her favorite trick was to sit outside my bedroom with her boom box and blast gospil or country music or even sometimes, I could still KILL her for this, the BARNEY song!

"I love you, you love me...
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Lets chase Barney up a tree!!!"

Anyways, since she broke up with her boyfriend she's been hanging out here more often than before. I sat with her all afternoon yesterday teaching her how to make her comp secure and speed up her internet connection.
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She claims to be stupid but she's actually a fast learner. By dinnertime she had a clear understanding of what she had to do and what she still had to learn.

Today me, Lora and Emily went into town shopping. (See the list of MOST EXCELENT things I got from Spencers in the mall at the end of this post.) Laura came by while we were out and thought that we were ignoring her.

My sister is an extremely sensitive girl. When we got home I went next door to see if she had come over and she wasn't there. My other sister said she was out back with the horses so I went looking for her. I found her sitting on the ground behind the stables in the cold without a jacket crying.
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The two of us don't normally have the greatest talking relationship but OMG today we surely did. Once she started talking she didn't stop. The girl told me things, of a PRIVATE nature, that blew me away.
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And while she's telling me all this stuff and as I'm looking at her, I swear this is true, she started to look just like me. Just the way I looked and felt just a few years ago. She made me remember just how hard and confusing and frustrating being in the teen years can be.

You feel SO adult yet deep within you know that there's something inside of you that stops your transition into adulthood. You search and experiment and lots of times do DUMB things just trying to find that thing that's missing.

It's not till you're older that you realize the thing that's missing...

...is age.
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A vicious circle stringing back round upon itself and the only cure is time.

So this weekend we're having another girls lock-in but Laura is included with us. We've already scooched up together on the BIG BED to make sure we could find comfy positions for all four of us (We did!) and my three girls are downstairs now waiting for me.

Once again I will STRESS that there's NO hanky panky going to go on! My little sister is sad and innocent and VERY vulnerable right now and as EROTIC as that might sound...
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...she's still my icky little sister.

Last thought, just to see if I can gross anybody out. Lora has always has a STRICT rule saying NO love making during our periods.
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Emily has no such rule.

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What Sara got from Spencers in the mall for her attic.
1. A five inch plasma ball. Blue!
2. 19 inch Jason Vorhees statue.
3. A 5 drawer wooded storage cabnet with a gray skull on the top.
4. A hanging Mr Bones with cape and tophat.
5. Two six inch ballerina figurines sitting in a mini garden for just a weeeee bit of color.
6. Pair of Draven Misfit glow in the dark house shoes.

We also stopped at the used book store and I bought two minature hardcover books titled "Little Masterpieces of Fiction" volumes I and III, edited by Hamilton Wright Mabie and Lionel Strachey, and made in 1904. So they're over 100 years old and in great condition and I bought them for two bucks each. So if anyone knows anything about books and wants to tell me if I made a good investment...^_^

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DungeonMasterJim said...

I for one am not grossed out by the period deal. Numerous years ago I saw a cartoon - probably in Penthouse - of a guy having eaten out his wife and his face was covered in blood. So I now have a tolerance to such things.

Now Faces of Death... that was something that did not enhance my life and something i could have easily missed out on and had no problem with.

On a related note, seeing my first corpse at a young age (maybe 10?) in my uncle's funeral parlor. THAT still gives me the creeps. And the lady was all set for a showing - it wasn't anything big.

"Icky Little sister".


Jon_dye said...

but sara...

Red wings give you bull, or something

I do have to say nothing has sounded so wise as your "and the only thing you were missing was age" or however you said it. Some times you can be so freakin smart it's scary. And then you say you like HHH and all of it goes away. :D

Thanks for reading my journal. I feel really special whenever anyone that's not on LJ reads it, because it takes a concerted effort to do it if you don't have an LJ. I'm thinking of taking a picture of the mustache, but I want people to have at least a little respect for me

bwhahahahahahaha, Yeah I'm kidding. I'm just lazy.

I hope your sister is feeling more loved. I know nothing is worse than feeling left out. Well, few things are worse at any rate.

oh and look at my happy picture from yesterday at the international folk fair.


miss you,


Sara's Stuff! said...

Jim; I also have no problem with the rubbing together of bloody pussies.

Faces of Death was cool. Didn't enhance my life either but it was still cool. ^_^

Jon; Prestent for you at the end of my latest post. :p

Angelle said...

I think this entry made me realize that my sister an I are eventually only going to have each other to trully trust in the end...it kinda makes me sad....but it's true.

Um......I'ma actually with Lora on that period thingy...nothing sexually stimulating about blood coming out of your baby-place in my opinion.

Bloody kissing and biting are much different.....

Anyways, I'm happy you and you're little sis connected. I have to share a room with my little sis...so...we have those kind of long talks like....all the fucking time.