The New Order Of Things

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"I wasn't looking for a GENDER. I was only looking for someone to love." ~Truman Capote

The attic is dark and cold. Just how I love it. Since putting up the BIG BED we've found it necessary to make two changes to our bedroom.

Our vanity has been moved into Emily's old room and that is now our dressing room. With three of us getting dressed and made up at the same time we needed the entire room for it.
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And my desk area and comic book shelves have been moved up to the attic. Emily's laptop sits next to the bed downstairs so Monday during wrestling I'll still be able to get online but for the most part all my Internet activities will now be done in the dark, cold attic where things that have no description live and breed.

Moonspiders scurry about on the ceiling.

Wallgnomes run around on my desk, dripping spit from their oversized mouths, and crawl up on top of my head to play. They like to dig in my hair to the scalp then lick it with their dry, furry tongues.
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Monsterhead sits in the corner and hums the theme to Edward Scissorhands over and over.

I've dug out all my old Barbie dolls and am in the process of planning how best to..."display" them.

I won't even begin to describe what lives in the back room.

I brought Smidge up here with me but he just sits at the bottom of the stairs meowing at the door to get out. I LOVE the sound he makes!
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The little metal fly things haven't found me yet but give them time and I'm sure they'll sniff me out. Plus, I'm thinking about inviting some of my oldest and dearest friends up here to live that I haven't seen since I got actual REAL friends a few years back.

There is my personal slave, Erikrump. Named after my worst enemy and owner of the infamous "poisoned dog" mentioned several times on my blog. She usually sits on the floor at my feet, bowing, and repeating, "I'm not worthy!" over and over.

There's KatieKayte, whom I modeled after my best friend growing up Catherine Montclair. (And YES! Catherine is REAL!)

There's Buffy. No expie needed. We hang out and talk and she sometimes gets frisky and likes to give me face. My mom caught her doing it once in my old room and thought I was just masterbating because Buffy likes to be invisibly when she does it so no one sees.
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Damn vampire slayers.

Lastly there's the Undertaker from the WWE. He stands directly behind me, watching my back in case the wallgnomes get carried away. (I sometimes would catch him peaking at me and Buffy doing the girlygirl thing.)
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Most likely the majority of my time will be spent downstairs with Lora and Emily. Whenever I'm at the Bendis Board, DarkStarlings or Myspace (My three fave hangouts.) I'll be on the laptop. But for my blog I come up here so my mind can be as free as possible.

So now we have three of the five bedrooms being used. Ours, Ashley's and the vanity room. The big bedroom on the first floor is for guests and I'm thinking about giving the last one down the hall to my sister Laura. She broke up with her boyfriend and has been feeling depressed tho won't admit it.

She'll still be living next door but this way she'll have a home here with us, too. Plus, hopefully she's reading this, I rag on her a lot but I do love and respect the wonderful person that she is.
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Even though she can be a REAL pain in the butt sometimes.

This was Emily's ideal, by the way. Funny story; (Or maybe just WEIRD story.) We were laying in bed t'other night talking and we started joking about the NEXT STEP being to bring a fourth girl into our relationship. THIS WAS ONLY A JOKE!

So I said, JOKINGLY, "We'll move Laura in. She just broke up with her boyfriend and she's vulnerable."

"HEY, YEAH!" Emily burted out, "She's adorable!"
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Lora and I both gave her a LOOK. The little wheel in her brain starts to slooooowly turn, and she sweetly and innocently says, "Oh, wait...nevermind. She's your sister."

We all busted up laughing at the WEIRDNESS of it.

Then Emily made the suggestion that we give her the empty upstairs bedroom so...


But if there are I promise to write about them. :p
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Okay, going downstairs now. More tomorrow.


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DungeonMasterJim said...

After reading this installment, you'd probably like my parent's cellar. It's dirt. The house was built around 1840. There's also suppose to be the body of an escaped slave either in the cellar or nearby the house. The house was part of the Underground Railroad.

And no dogs except for my brother's intolerably stupid mini-daschund (sic) will willingly go into the cellar.

Your,...um,...'friends' in the attic. Yeah. Don't think I'll comment further on that.

Happy to hear that you read my blog her and there. Means I got 2 readers!


Guess I'm not in your league, Sara, when it comes to blogging.

Moonspider said...

friends in the attic.....i like that sentence

sounds liek a compilation of short stories...reminds me of the book "a light in the attic" (i think that's the name, lol)

eitherway....you take care and i hope everything nice in life happens to you

Sara's Stuff! said...

Jim; Dirt?? No, dirt is...dirty. I would however, PAY for the bones of that slave!

Moonspider; You would like my attic. Someday I'll have to invite you to visit so you can see what it's really like.


Agric said...

If there are any things you get stuck at on Laura's PC (like getting rid of any specific viruses) let me know here or by email and I'll probably be able to dig out something to help.

Sara's Stuff! said...

Thankx, Agric, but I've learned enough about comp security from YOU over the last few years that fixing Laura's was easy. Teaching HER how to maintain it is the problem.

Thankx again for the offer, tho. ^_^


Moonspider said...

an attic
attic panic

eh, sounds nice

Agric said...

Teach a person to fish... :-)

Now, teaching a person to teach a person to fish... Maybe is better self taught?

A couple of days without one's computer often incentivises the learning. I hope she is now fixed up with the safety basics.

A couple of weeks back I found this two part list of best free-ware, it looks well researched and useful:

Hope things are going well,

Angelle said...

^^! I used to have an attic in my old house. It was riddled with so many bugs! I hid up there once and found some of my old baby stuff. It was soooo cool!

Wow, you really had to move some stuff around....I wish I had my own vanity room.

Sara's Stuff! said...

Angelle; Emailed you. Are you watching Se7en tonight on TNT?

Agric; Thankx for those. I needed them.

Moonspider; You sound so sad lately. :( I don't like sad Moonspiders.


Angelle said...

Nah. I got the DVD. I watch it all the time.